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Can I create a product that is similar to an existing product that has a patent?

Patent registration is the most expensive and complex form of IP protection. You need to first ask yourself: Is your invented app really patentable? To be accepted, the invention must be novel or confers a new solution to a technical problem.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), once you have been awarded a patent for your invention or intellectual property, anyone who tries to make, use, sell, offer, or import an invention just like yours from another country has infringed upon your intellectual property rights. At this point, you can sue the offender in a federal court and ask for an immediate injunction that would stop the accused’s actions and prevent any further losses or damages. You can also get relief for any loss of income that the violation caused.

There’s a lot more to consider with patents, but it’s extremely recommended to consult with a patent attorney if you’re going to head in this direction. Feel free to swing by LawTrades for a free 20 minute consultation w/ an experienced patent attorney. Our legal platform makes it easy & painless for inventors to receive the legal advice they need. Good luck.

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