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Can F1 students (in the US) work full time on campus over the summer?

Yep. You can work full time during the summer or extended holidays, but you’ll have to lower the time to 20 hours per week while you are taking classes. Your main priority under this visa is to be a student.  

On-campus employment may include nearby establishments like bookstores, but you’ll want to double check to make sure those businesses count as “on-campus”. Remember, you can’t work off campus during the first year of enrollment. After that, you can enroll in one of two training programs that allow you to work off campus. Keep in mind, the point of this visa is to make sure that students get an education in the US and are really strict about work situations.

While there are quite a few working restrictions, F1 students can live either on campus or off campus. A lot of universities have a ton of resources for foreign students who may be looking for a place to stay, but if you have something set up then all the better for you.

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