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How can I find a lawyer to review my employment contract?

Finding a solid lawyer who can help you review your employment contract efficiently isn’t always easy. Don’t expect to find a good lawyer by just doing a Google search or reading an advertisement (unless you have a lot of time to kill). There’s simply not enough information in those outlets to help you make an valid judgement.

To help alleviate this pain point, we started this company called LawTradesbecause we know how hard it can be to find the right lawyer, let alone someone who is available and within your budget.

Basically, you just tell our AI/human legal assistant what you need, and it’ll provide you with an instant price quote and match you with the best attorney. All of our LawTrades lawyers are thoroughly vetted and because we don’t have the overhead expenditure of law firms, we’re about 60% more affordable. Best of all, the whole process literally takes minutes. Our employment-focused attorneys typically review employment contracts for between $150–600.

But that’s just one avenue for finding the right employment lawyer.

You can also look to personal referrals by speaking to people in your community who has experienced the same legal issue and asking them which lawyer they used. But honestly speaking, input from family and friends are great but sometimes can be unreliable. Hiring a friend’s uncle who practices personal injury law to review your employment contract may not be the smartest move. By the same token, while expertise and years of experience are important, if you don’t feel comfortable with the person, or can’t envision yourself having confidential conversations with him/her, then you should probably pass on that too.

Hope you find this answer useful! If I can answer any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to message me directly or visit LawTrades to speak with one of our project managers!

Good luck with the new gig 🙂

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