How can I find a lawyer that specializes in payment industry issues?

Many areas of law aren’t exactly straight forward. In theory, laws are supposed to be written in an extremely broad manner and then the legal system is used to apply a broad law to a more specific situation. It’s no surprise that credit card and billing regulations as related to mobile payments isn’t clear.

Since you brought up that this is a mobile payment startup that you’re working on, you need to look for an attorney that has experience in the payment industry, mobile payments, and startups. Additionally, you might consider (because of the changes in those laws) ensuring that your subscription agreement or sales contract is up-to-date (meaning that it doesn’t go against those changes in the law).

LawTrades is a legal marketplace and what we pride ourselves in doing is helping startups just like yours. Using LawTrades, you can talk with an attorney about all the specifics of your startupsand the changes in the laws that may affect it now or in the future. You may even be able to implement some safeguards. Depending on whether your business was operating before the changes, perhaps there is a grandfather clause that may protect your revenue stream. We provide access to attorneys for fair rates to help startups get the legal advice that they need!