Where can I find professional legal services online?

Thanks to the Internet, people have more choices than ever before. Here are some things you should consider when you’re choosing an online professional legal service (and then I’ll give you some options):

  • What is the purpose of your search? For instance, are you looking for someone to help you form an LLC or a partnership? Are you looking for someone you can rely on to help you negotiate contracts? Are you looking for someone who can answer your questions about immigration?
  • Is the organization or individual experienced? If you were looking for someone to answer a tax law question, you would go searching for an attorney who can answer your criminal law questions. If you needed help filing a patent, you’d want an intellectual property attorney. Make sure that you find out how much experience the organization or individual has in the area you’re interested in.
  • Is their license to practice law active and in good standing? You can check with the bar association wherever they are located. With that said, no one other than a licensed attorney can give you legal advice.Other people can help you with things such as research, writing business plans, or even helping you form your business entity, but they cannot give you legal advice unless they are a licensed attorney.
  • Are they reputable? Look for complaints filed against the individual or organization. Check online review sites, social media, perform an Internet search, and check with both the BBB and the Attorney General in your state. Keep in mind that sometimes people leave negative reviews simply because they’re angry. So, make sure that you use your own best judgment when you review what you find.

Places to get online legal services will vary depending on what you need. For example:

  • – If you’re considering representing yourself in small claims court, you could check your local legal aid website and court website for forms. However, you really should talk to an attorney in your area who is licensed and who can give you advice and help you if necessary.
  • Online legal websites devoted to certain subjects are another option.Just make sure that you know their limits. Some legal websites are run by non-lawyers. While they are able to complete forms on your behalf, they are not allowed to give you legal advice. Even those sites that do use lawyers may still be somewhat limited. You could get legal advice or have a contract written (for example), but they may not represent you in court. However, they may have colleagues in your area and they may be able to refer you.

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