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Can a game be patented?

An idea can’t be patented, but your app or game certainly can.

Until you have a tangible product, you can’t protect it. If you aren’t sure if you have a totally unique concept, you could always do an initial search yourself and then move forward with having a skilled patent attorney do a more complete search.

There are different types of patents.

A utility patent protects how a product is used and works.

A Design patent protects how the product looks.

As far as whether or not it’s “worth it” depends on your level of commitment. You can either let the idea die and do nothing with it, or you can develop and patent it in order to protect your concept from competitors. Keep in mind, even if the concept already exists, you could still enter the marketplace as a competitor if your product has something unique to offer.

You should get in touch with an IP attorney. LawTrades can put you in touch with a patent lawyer that can answer your initial questions and help you through the process. Check out our website and please get in touch if we seem like a good fit.

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