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How can I get the basics, create proper documents, and in the end get compliant with the law with my startup’s customers and users?

You’re already “aware that the right way to do this should be hiring lawyers.” So why not do it the right way? I get it – hiring an attorney costs money, and if you can find some online resources then that’s money saved for your bootstrapped business.

The problem with using these online resources is that you’re getting general advice and templates that often leaves out important stuff. Privacy policies and terms of use (also known as terms and conditions and terms of service) must comply with US law, which requires an accurate disclosure in your policy. So the use of boilerplate forms or templates can cause trouble. Terms of use need to put readers on notice on what is acceptable behavior and what the consequences are for breaking those rules. A template found online may just contain the most common terms found among the majority of terms of use, while leaving out something particular to your business. A privacy policy is super important because it can be legally required in many cases. It should completely lay out all situations that your website will collect user data, and what you will do with such data. If you want some more info on the difference between these agreements check out a former Quora answer of mine.

An alternative approach you can take to save money is to first draft your documents and then pass it off to a startup lawyer who will review it and update all the hard stuff. We offer that service on LawTrades so your costs aren’t as high. I hope you find this answer helpful. If there’s anything else I can help out with, don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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