Can you get a better deal on a commercial lease without using a broker?

Yes, you can get a better deal on a commercial lease without using a broker. Instead, I would suggest hiring an attorney to help you. An attorney will be able to negotiate a lower price for you and will be able to draw up the deal to your satisfaction; plus, you can find one for less than the cost of typical broker’s fees.

Further, a commercial lease is about more than the amount of rent you pay. Therefore, a commercial lease agreement will provide for more than just the cost of rent. An experienced attorney will have negotiated plenty of these types of agreements before and will understand how to work with you and negotiate a deal based on your specific interests. Typically, an attorney will do it for a flat fee. A broker, on the other hand, may not have your best interests and well being in mind because he may only be after his broker’s fees which are likely commission-based rather than a flat fee.

In short, a better deal is one that works best for your business as a whole and an attorney will work closely with you to be able to craft such an agreement that meets all of your specific needs. If you have more questions and want to chat with an experienced attorney who can help you negotiate your commercial lease, visit LawTrades where we will match you with a top attorney for a free consultation.

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