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How can I get long stay visa in USA?

It depends on what you mean by a “long stay” visa. Are you seeking a visa that allows you to stay for several months or several years? Of course, you would have to qualify for a particular visa in order to make that determination.

Some of the more popular visas and their expiration are as follows:

  • F-1 Visa- As long as you are enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited university, in good standing and making normal progress then you can remain in the country until you complete your degree. You are allocated a 60-day grace period to prepare to leave the country after graduation.
  • H1-B– Most employees that have this visa are allowed to stay 3–6 years (including extensions)
  • O Visa- This visa is granted to individuals with “extraordinary abilities” and is valid for three years with the possibility of one year extension.

There are over 20 different immigration visas to choose from and they each have their own set of requirements and length of stay. In order to determine which option is right for you, you should seek the guidance of an immigration attorney.

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