Can I legally sell my home-cooked food?

Can I legally sell my home-cooked food? by @R44D

Answer by Raad Ahmed:

You most likely illegal for you to sell home-cooked food (in the US) without a license. When it comes to selling food, there are (rightfully) many regulations and requirements to ensure that the food that is being sold is safe to eat. Complying with the requirements and selling home-cooked food would basically mean that you are running a restaurant even though you are not required to actually have a physical restaurant to sell food, think of a food truck.

So, as long as you meet the license and sanitation requirements, you will be able to sell home-cooked food. That being said, though, the requirements are not necessarily easy to meet and are generally a product of local law so they vary from place to place.

I would suggest that, if you want to start selling home-cooked food as a business, you consult with an attorney before you decide to start. An experienced attorney will be able to walk you through your local requirements and license applications to help you start your business and make sure that you are doing so in a legal way.

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Can I legally sell my home-cooked food?

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