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Can I obtain an E2 visa without an immigration lawyer, given that I meet all the criteria for it? What are the risks?

Good question. Hiring an immigration attorney to assist with the application process can get quite expensive so it makes sense to consider doing it yourself (DIY). Also, you are not required to have a lawyer when applying for an immigrant visa or green card in the United States or overseas. But, as you seem to be aware, DIY carries significant risk.

All U.S. immigration applications involve filling out many forms, which require detailed instructions about gathering and including other paperwork and fees. The problem is that it’s easy to make a small mistake, which then can delay things and even your application to be rejected. Also, a veteran immigration attorney knows the ins and outs of with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which usually speeds up the process much more than someone submitted a bunch of forms from overseas.

Immigration attorneys have maneuvered these forms many times before you so hiring a lawyer can be well worth it for not only getting it done quickly and effectively the first time, but also for your peace of mind. If you’re interested in possibly hiring an immigration lawyer or just curious how much it would cost then feel free to visit LawTrades. We offer free initial consultations with experienced immigration attorneys and our rates are a fraction of what large law firms will quote you. Good luck!

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