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Can I use angel or seed capital when applying for an E2 visa?

Angel or seed capital can be used when applying for an E2 visa, but the catch is that those funds, along with you, must come from one of the listed treaty countries. Generally, an E2 is granted so that a foreign investment can potentially provide jobs for US workers and make an impact on the US economy. Therefore, if the investment is substantial, you will only be required to show that the funds were legally obtained and a loan or investment like an angel investment will work.

The investment needs to be substantial though, usually greater than $100,000 will be enough. Sometimes less than that will be accepted but it would make a tougher case. You will also need to show how your investment will turn into enough money to pay back your debt and also support yourself on top of that. Remember that an E2 visa holder will not be allowed to work for any company other than the one in which they invested so you will need to be able to prove a return on investment that will be able to support you without any other employment.

Also, an E2 visa is limited to citizens of countries that maintain a relevant treaty with the US. You will want to make sure that your country is on the list so that you can qualify. Additionally, like I mentioned above, your angel investment needs to come from the same country as you.

This is a quick run through of the requirements, but if you are looking to obtain an E2 visa, I suggest that you speak with an immigration attorney to help you better assess your options. An experienced immigration attorney will be able to advise you on your best options and then walk you through the application process. If you are looking for an immigration attorney or if you just have more questions, you should visit LawTrades. We’re a legal platform in the U.S. that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to get the legal advice they need from top notch attorneys. We offer free consultations and affordable flat-fee pricing. Good luck w/ the venture!

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