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What is the cheapest/best online service for registering a number of S/C-corporations in the US and getting them EIN numbers?

The cheapest way to register a c-corp, move to s-corp, and then get an EIN for the business is to just do it yourself. The steps to do it on your own (along with the associated costs) are:

  • Register your LLC in your state. You do this through your Secretary of State. Most Secretary of State websites have the forms online in PDF format. You’re able to complete them and return them online with the proper filing fee. The filing fee will depend on the state that you’re in. If you use a service, you’re going to pay the filing fee plus additional money for the convenience of someone doing it for you (and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you asked for the cheapest “service”).
  • After you’ve received your forms back from the Secretary of State, it’s time to complete the right documentation to move to an s-corp. This is done through the IRS and you have to do it fairly soon after you’ve incorporated. You must first meet the qualifications to file as an s-corp. If you meet those, you would complete Form 2553 and return it. There is no additional fee associated with this step unless you’re using a third-party service.
  • To get your EIN, you can apply online through the IRS website. Doing it yourself costs you absolutely nothing.

So, now that we’ve established that doing it yourself is the cheapest way to do it, let’s talk about why you might want to find an inexpensive service provider to do it for you. It is more expensive to hire a company or an attorney to do it for you, but there are some benefits. Yet, there is one downside I’d like to mention about using a third-party service. You won’t always have an attorney who works on your documents. You could end up with someone who has very little experience completing your forms and helping you get through the EIN process. However, using a service or an attorney saves you time. So, you may find that it is worth it to outsource this so that you can focus on other items. If you use an attorney, you know that you’re getting help from someone who really understands the forms and how to properly complete them.

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