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How critical is an employee handbook for a startup?

An employee handbook is so incredibly useful.

In the beginning stages, you may have very few employees or none at all. And, it may seem ridiculous to create an employee handbook when your base isn’t very big. However, you should expect growth and even if your employee count stays relatively small—issues are likely to come up at some point. Why flirt with disaster?

Here are a few things that a solid handbook will include:

  • Company vision/culture
  • Employee behavior expectation
  • Sick leave/paid time off
  • Benefits
  • Worker compensation policy
  • Equal employment policy
  • Pay/Promotions

Of course, there will likely be other business-specific information you would like to include. The main thing to remember, it should be clearly written and you should uphold those policies if you include them. State and federal laws will also guide you in the right direction of what you have to include in handbook.

If crafted right, the handbook will not only protect you from potential litigation down the road, but also offer peace of mind to your employees. It’s just a good deal for everybody.

Because an employee handbook is incredibly important, it’s best to collaborate with a seasoned business attorney. A lawyer can work with you to produce a handbook that not only reflects your core values, but also offers a layer of protection should any legal issues arise.

LawTrades can help. We can put you in touch with a great business attorney that can help you create a thorough employee handbook. We are committed to providing each client with cost-effective legal services that will help your business grow and prosper. Get in touch for a consultation.

Legal is hard. Let’s tackle it together.

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