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I have a design for a medical knee brace that is better than any brace available. What do I need to do to get it approved & on the market?

When someone creates a brand new design concept, at the forefront of their mind is the strategy to protect their idea. Before entering the marketplace, you want to be sure that your design is protected and you can achieve this by obtaining a design patent.

A few consideration:

  • The design must be totally unique to qualify for a design patent.
  • A design patent only focuses on the look of the product and not its usefulness.
  • A design patent will make it so that others cannot copy, distribute, or make a product that is the same or incredibly similar to your design.
  • Design patents are granted for 15 years at a time.
  • This type of patent requires not maintenance fees.

This would be a good starting point for your product. However, due to the complexity of design patents, it is best to do achieve this through the assistance of a design patent lawyer. LawTrades can help you find the best patent attorney for your situation. We make locating the proper resources simple and affordable. Contact us for a free consultation.

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