How easy or difficult is it to switch jobs once I get an H1-B visa?

The ease or difficulty of an H1-B transfer will largely depend on whether or not the process is completed properly. However, you are not restricted to keeping the same job on the H1-B status, but you are required to inform USCIS of any changes in employment as soon as a transfer takes place. Of course, you will have to find an employer that is willing to take you on H1-B employees, and there is no real way to determine how simple that process will be. It is possible that once you are working in the U.S. that you will have a much easier time networking and finding future employment elsewhere. Plus, your skills and education could make you a prime candidate for certain positions. Much of this can only be determined with more information.

Immigration can be a complicated a process. Allow an immigration attorney to counsel you about your options. They will be able to provide helpful insight and simplify the transfer process once you are ready. LawTrades can connect you with a seasoned immigration attorney. We keep our rates affordable so can always provide affordable rates and flexible payment options. Contact us today for more information.

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