What else can I do while I am on my H1-B?

An H-1B has a lot of restrictions. Two of the most common restrictions are the hours you can work and the number of employers. Usually with an H-1B, you can only work for the employer who sponsored you. The best way for you to work a second job is to get a second H-1B for that job…and as you know, you have to prepare the application before you begin to work. You’d have the same rules as you have with your current job.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it or what you’re called (such as an “independent contractor”). If you have two jobs and you have one H-1B, the second job also needs an H-1B. So, if you’re really interested in getting a second job of some kind, get started on the H-1B petition. If you’re simply looking to fill up some free time, some good suggestions were made by others. You can go to school. You can volunteer. You can join a club or sports league.

Remember that if you violate the restrictions of your visa, you could have it revoked, you could be deported, and you could be banned from returning to the U.S. So, be very careful and make sure that you follow the rules as laid out by USCIS.

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