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How do I find a good tax attorney in New York?

Finding a good attorney can be challenging and a little overwhelming sometimes. Even in New York where there is an abundance of skilled attorneys. A few factors you should consider are: expertise of the attorney, cost of the project, and the specific task you need done.

Your specific task

  • It is important to understand exactly what you need done so that you can understand what you are looking for in an attorney


  • Attorneys are very specialized so you will want to find one that has experience with the specific task that you need completed
  • For example, keep in mind that a “tax attorney” may not have experience dissolving LLCs and will probably not have experience transferring trademarks

Cost of the project

  • Attorneys generally charge by the hour so you will want to compare hourly rates
  • You will also want to consider how many hours the project will take — a more efficient attorney will get the work done in fewer hours thus lowering the total cost of the project

These are a few factors to consider when looking for an attorney that is right for you. Check out LawTrades for additional resources to help with your search. We created LawTrades to disrupt the traditional legal space and give entrepreneurs like you the power to easily find the legal help that they need.

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