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How do I find a lawyer to prepare terms of service agreement for a website?

Your first point of reference should be, as you mentioned, experience.

You want a lawyer who is well-versed in such an area and one that specializes in this field. This also hold true for your Terms of Service as well as any business legal document.

At LawTrades, we have plenty of lawyers who are not only experienced but are also affordable. I have seen PP and TOS prepared routinely for $700 or less, and these documents essentially serve as a “blueprint” for your business. Although we have lawyers in the Illinois area, the actual physical location is not that important. Instead, I would focus on finding a lawyer who specializes in assisting internet businesses.

It also helps if you throw out a couple “feelers” stating what it is you’re looking for and let lawyers talk to you about their experience and how they can assist you. Again, our LawTrades lawyers are experts in this field and they would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

This is why using a generator will simply not work. Each business is unique no matter how similar they may seem. A good analogy is two fast food businesses that are side by side. They may have similar products, similar taste, and they can even appear similar. However, the process they use to cook their food is completely different. This vast difference needs to be addressed which is why you need a custom designed PP and TOS so that it protects the interests of you and your business.

Another popular method for creating a PP or TOS is to copy and paste. Again, this will not work. The odds are high that the business had their documents customized, and by copying and pasting you are claiming that your business has the same features and services which is highly unlikely.

Below is a great article that reminds us all as to why a solid and appropriate Terms of Service is important –


Hope this helped address some of your concerns. When you’re ready, you can post your project completely free at LawTrades to get a better feel for the process.

Best of luck!

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