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How do I find a reasonable lawyer to advise me with my new candy business?

Luckily, there are so many great start up lawyers on the market, you should have no trouble at all. Because of such a flooded market, the legal costs have remained low and it has enabled small business to get off the ground and succeed without paying substantial legal fees.

However, I understand how important it is to find someone who you can afford, while also being confident in their services. I have founded two different startups, and I cannot tell you how lucky I was to find a great lawyer who was affordable in our early stages. Obviously in the beginning phases of your business, you will be working with limited capital, so it is imperative to make sure your legal costs are not a waste, or exceed what the standard industry rate is for similar services.

The problem most startups face is that there is really no easy way to locate all of the potential lawyers, or compare their prices and services. This means that during your busy schedule trying to launch your business, you have to take valuable time to go and look for an attorney.

To help with this problem, we started LawTrades. All of lawyers are pre-screened and have an average of 10+ years experience in their respective industries. It is our goal to create a more transparent environment where clients can get the best legal services for lowest cost.

When looking for a lawyer to assist your company, you should consider a few things other than just price. You will want to find someone who has experience helping companies get off the ground and be successful, that way you can be confident in the services they will provide. Also, you want to have a lawyer who you have professional compatibility with because you will most likely be working with your attorney closely as your business grows. Further, you want a lawyer who has the ability to dedicate time and effort to your representation, and who isn’t swamped with a massive caseload. Your company is your baby, and you want your lawyer to treat it the same way.

My best advice is that you should never settle with the first lawyer you stumble upon. This may require effort, but there are definitely methods which can streamline your search process and save precious time for your business.

I hope this is helpful! I am always eager to help fellow startups succeed, so please

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