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How do I find a specialist to write a “Terms of Service” and other legal documents for a website?

This is a pretty common predicament most new companies face and you are smart for not just copying another companies terms of service or privacy policy. It’s one of the most common mistakes founders make, which may leave you open to costly investigations if you’re using data in a way that is not clearly outlined in your documents.

If you’re still looking for a specialist, let me introduce you to LawTrades.
It’s a new service that has helped 100’s of businesses get their PP + TOS through experienced startup lawyers. I founded this company because like yourself, I didn’t know where to turn when I needed a good lawyer or how much he/she would charge. We use software to help lawyers run their practices more efficiently, which ends up saving folks like yourself money. Based on our data, a custom terms of service and privacy policy can run you between $299 – $599 from a specialized lawyer well versed in creating these types of documents.

Going to an experienced lawyer and creating one from scratch is the best route to protecting yourself and your company from liability. While there are services like Docracy that offer pre-made privacy policies for use on your site, the problem is you will run into the issue of using a cookie cutter document that isn’t clear and usually longer than it needs to be.

If a user doesn’t feel comfortable, they may contact you directly or inquire to the Federal Trade Commission. Even though a privacy policy is not a contract, it basically summarizes how you operate your business. So it’s important to get this right.

To get your creative juices flowing before you talk to a lawyer, here’s some research done on the topic analyzing the terms of service used by big companies: 

Best of luck with your microstock business! Feel free to visit LawTrades for help drafting your ToS and/or reach out if I can personally assist with this 🙂

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