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Should I form an LLC to launch my first app?

It’s so easy and affordable to create an LLC these days that the pros (protection from personal liability protection for business debts and lawsuits) completely outweigh the cons (spending ~$500 and 10 minutes answering a few questions).

Do you really want that burden on your shoulders of potentially being personally liable when your app hits the app store?

Before, forming an LLC was a huge pain. You had to Google your Secretary of State, navigate their horrendous website to find the right forms, print them, fill them in, and mail it with a check and pray everything was done correctly. The alternative route was finding a lawyer to do it for you for $1500-$2000.

It was based on those experiences that I founded LawTrades. Our legal marketplace allows startups to get legal stuff done by vetted attorneys at great rates. There’s a 100% money back guarantee (we’ve done 1000’s of these) too.

Aside from the actual LLC filing you should also want to think about what’s called the LLC Operating Agreement especially if you have a few people working on this app. The operating agreement goes hand in hand with the LLC filing since it lays out the framework of how your app business will operate. Think terms like roles/responsibilities, ownership percentages, decision procedures etc… More on that here: What does a startup operating agreement look like?

I hope that helps! Best of luck with the app.

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