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How To Get A Green Card Through Your Employer?

A recent LawTrades user asked: I Am Currently Working Under an H-1B Visa and Would Like to Get a Green Card Through My Employer. What Is the Process?

We work with many employers and H-1B employees going through the green process – specifically from H-1B status to permanent residency. It can be tricky and expensive.

As long as you hold a valid H-1B, then you’re eligible to adjust your status.

There are three stages: (1) Obtain PERM Labor Certification; (2) File an I-140 Immigration Petition; and (3) File an I-485 (Adjustment of Status – Green Card Application).

Here’s what happens at each stage:

1. File PERM Labor Certification (This part on average takes anywhere from 1 to 1 ½ years to complete): 

  • Your company needs to engage an immigration attorney to start the process.Your job description needs to be drafted.
  • A Prevailing Wage determination request needs to be submitted to the US Department of Labor (DOL).
  • The position needs to be advertised and active recruiting needs to be activated.Assuming no US workers qualify for the position, a PERM Labor Certification application is filed with the DOL.
  • The DOL processes and issues the Labor Certification.

2. File I-140 Immigration Application:

  • After receiving the LCA, the I-140 is ready to be filed.
  • Your credentials are verified for the job and you’re paid the specified wages. 
  • If your I-485 is approved, your H-1B can be extended for an additional 3 years (over the 6 year normal maximum period).

3. File I-485 Adjustment of Status:

  • After your I-140 application is approved, you can file the I-485 for an Adjust of Status.
  • The number of visas available depend on your priority date (the date the PERM/LCA was filed), your country of birth, and the classification of your employment.

You can access a wealth of additional information at the USCIS site.

Two important points: (1) It normally takes several years to process – from beginning to end; and (2) there’s more than just a process – following rules and filing forms and documents – involved.

When you’re seeking a Green Card, there are important legal strategies that a knowledgeable immigration attorney can help you with. Important considerations about how and when to file certain items can affect the length of processing and even ultimate approval.

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