Is getting a green card difficult?

It depends on the type of green card that you want to get, what you consider to be difficult, and whether you have help through the process. Let me start with the second and third points I made before I talk about the details of various green cards.

Ask yourself what you consider meeting the definition of difficult. Getting a green card requires that you meet certain obligations and criteria. Those obligations and criteria will depend on the type of green card that you want to get. It requires a lot of documentation, filling out the right forms (and filling them out with the right information), and it could mean interviews and follow-ups. Then, there’s the waiting game involved. The forms aren’t always clear to people who’ve not gone through the process before. It can take quite a bit of work on your part to gather the right documents as well. Then, you may have to take off work or school to go to interviews or follow-up interviews. There’s also a financial aspect. You will be required to pay filing fees for your forms and you may require the services of an immigration lawyer. That would be an additional fee.

Have you thought about getting help with the process? Yes, it is an added expense, but getting help from an immigration attorney to get through the green card process can be beneficial. You’ll have the assurance of knowing that your forms are properly filled out and you have someone who can help you throughout the entire process. Additionally, laws regarding green cards have changed. You didn’t mention your country, but it is important that you check with an immigration attorney to make sure that you’re able to get a green card.

There are several types of green cards. The most common green cards or visas are given for employment purposes, educational purposes, reuniting families, and by making a big investment into the economy. Each of these areas have their own options. Take employment as an example. There is the H1-B visa which is for temporary workers that allow a U.S. employer to bring in workers because they can’t find American workers with the right skills. Then, there is an EB-3 visa which is for professional, skilled, or even unskilled workers. There are only a certain number of EB-3 visas that are issued each year. There are also several types of visas available for people coming to be with their family. For investments, you must be able to invest half a million dollars into an enterprise in an area with high unemployment or in a rural area; or you must invest a minimum of $1 million for other areas.

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