What are some good fundraising ideas for startups?

You didn’t mention the type of startup. I am mentioning that because depending on what the startup does and its market, there may be fundraising ideas that are more specific. Here are some ideas:

  • Crowdfunding. Make sure that you choose the right platform. Some crowdfunding platforms require that you raise the entire amount you asked for before you can take a payout. Other platforms don’t require you to do that. Just make sure that your supporters get something in return for their support.
  • Take out a personal loan or credit card advance. This can help you get the money that your startup needs without worrying about giving up any equity.
  • Invest in your own business. Put as much of your own money into your startup as you can. If you’re currently working a full-time or part-time job, look for another job or a side hustle. Put all of that money toward your startup.
  • Look for sponsors for your product or services. Depending on what you offer, maybe another business would like to have their name mentioned on your website, podcast, or whatever. They may be willing to pay good money for that (depending on your following and how well you pitch the idea).
  • Get lean. Get rid of all the frills. Do the best you can with the money that you do have for the business. This will help you continue to manage your business funds better in the future.

Of course, there are more traditional types of fundraising for startups (such as convertible notes and equity financing). If that’s the type of fundraising that you’d like to pursue, make sure that you talk with an attorney who is experienced in fundraising for startups. At LawTrades, we provide a marketplace of startup attorneys and we’ve helped thousands of startups. We can help you make sure that you’ve got the information that you need to make informed decisions related to your fundraising. Initial consultations are free and we pride ourselves in staying in contact with our clients from the very beginning through the very end of their project.