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What are good NDA templates for web startups?

While it’s possible to find just about anything on the Internet, including a ready-to-sign non-disclosure agreement (NDA), you’d be wise (at the very least) to consult an attorney before deciding on which document you’ll use. The standard templates you find online can be so scanty and unrelated to your needs; they are often too much of a boilerplate to truly make a difference for your company. As such, you run the risk of omitting crucial clauses or terms in your agreement that are particular to your specific industry. At the very least, make sure your NDA includes the following parts:

  • A detailed description of what constitutes as “confidential information.” There’s a good chance that a generic or broad description will not survive in court. Similarly, it’s smart to include which information, if any, is not included in the NDA.
  • Permitted use of the confidential information, if any.
  • The agreement’s term.
  • The obligations of both parties.

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