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Is there a good service that creates terms and conditions for your app?

No two businesses are identical so it’s not really recommended that you use a generator or copy and paste another companies terms of service conditions. Although your business models may be similar, each business has their own unique identifiers which warrant a proprietary PP and TOS. If you use data in a way that is not clearly stated in your documents, you could be leaving yourself wide open for some legal pitfalls.

In order to create a terms and conditions that works for your particular app, you should definitely seek the help of a lawyer who specializes in this field. There are plenty of experienced, affordable, and super friendly lawyers at LawTrades so I recommend giving it a try if you’re serious about protecting yourself and need it quickly. Full disclosure: I’m the CEO! 🙂

Think of your terms and conditions as stating how your business operates. If users doesn’t feel comfortable visiting they may not convert or worse, just use a competitor. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Just think, this potential headache could be avoided by simply taking the time now to create a proper terms and conditions.

Hope this helps! And don’t hesitate to reach out directly if you have any more questions.

Best of luck with the app!

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