Is H1B visa the only option to work in U.S.?

There are other options outside of just the H1-B Visa, however there are particulars that will determine if you are eligible for other options. Here is a list of other visa options as well as what they can cover.

L-Visa-available if you are currently working at a company in your home country and wish to transfer to a branch of the same company in the US.

O-Visa-available to individuals who have made considerable contributions in arts, sciences, education, athletics, business, or film.

F1-Visa-students who currently have this type of visa can opt to work in the US for up to 12 months.

E1 or E2 Visa-if your country has a current treaty in place with the US wherein the company you work for is 50% owned by individuals from your country and adequately invest and/or trade with the US.

Green Card- you can opt for a green card through certain employment opportunities.

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