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How hard is it to get a H-1B US visa?

It can be hard to get a H-1B visa, but there are some things that can make it easier for you. The reason that it can be tough is that US Congress sets a quota each year so even if you qualify you could be denied because the quota for that year has already been reached. To qualify, you need to be working in a specialty occupation which is a pretty broad category including engineers, lawyers, business specialists, anything in math or science and more. You also need a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Your employer will file an application to be reviewed by the US Department of Labor. They basically want to see that the employer has a legitimate reason to hire you and can pay your salary. They also want to see that the hiring won’t adversely affect existing employees and that you are qualified for the job.

An immigration attorney can make the process easier by working with you and your employer to establish your qualifications through your application. First, there are a lot of steps to the process and a lot of work that needs to be done and an experienced attorney will have been through it before so will be able to walk you through all of it. Also, the attorney will know how to make your application stand out amongst the others.

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