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Should I hire an attorney before or after I start selling products through my small business to see if the products are even somewhat successful?

I would suggest hiring an attorney before you start selling your products.

Basically, once you start to sell your products, you will be opening yourself up to a lot of liability that could be protected against by consulting with an attorney and creating some legal documents beforehand. It is important to protect yourself against any potential liabilities arising out of the selling of your product and the time to do that is before you start to sell your product. Additionally, your product may be one that is regulated for some reason and you would need to make sure that you comply with any applicable regulations. Again, once you start to sell, it could be too late.

Hiring an attorney before you start selling will help you with not only your product, but your business as a whole. For example, once you start to sell your product, it is likely that one of two things will happen: your product will sell and you will want to grow your business, or your product doesn’t sell and your business goes down. In both events, the help of an attorney at the outset will be valuable. Consulting with an attorney will help you provide for what happens in the event of growth or loss.

In short, it is dangerous to wait until after you start selling your product to hire an attorney. It seems counterintuitive, though, because hiring an attorney before you start selling will cause you to spend money that you have not yet made. That is why at LawTrades, we work to trim costs for small businesses looking for attorneys. We do the searching for you and will match you with an experienced, top attorney for a free initial consultation. Hope this helped.

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