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Should I hire a lawyer to draft a terms of services contract?

Each business is unique and, as a result, should have a specialized Terms of Service to address all of their specific concerns. Of course, you could “do it yourself” or hire a freelancer on TaskRabbit, but what are the odds that they will be able to address every legal concern your business may face?

When you hire a lawyer to make yours, they will work with you to tailor the terms to reflect your business’ particulars. This includes the nature of your business, the way the website handles traffic, the interaction between your website and the user, and a series of other factors. Next, they state conditions of sale if applicable. Payments, credit card use, shipping terms, refund policy and more should all be addressed in addition to limiting any legal liability to the customers and third parties that visit the site. It’s super important to also protect your intellectual property (IP) in your terms of services.

If you’d like a free price quote to have a startup attorney draft your terms of services agreement with no obligation to hire then stop by LawTrades. We’ve helped countless startups with their terms of services, making it work for them both legally and financially. Good luck!

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