How can I get a Legal Permanent Resident status (green card) for the USA?

My answer to How can I get a Legal Permanent Resident status (green card) for the USA?

Answer by Raad Ahmed:

Like most of these answers point out, the Green Card process is long and involved so I would suggest that if you are looking to get a Green Card, you speak with an immigration attorney. That being said, I will try to outline a few ways here that you could get a Green Card.

Family — You will be eligible to get a Green Card if you are an immediate relative or family member of a US citizen. The obvious one that comes to mind here is marriage. If you marry a US citizen, you will be able to get a Green Card. But, there are also provisions for parents and siblings of citizens.

Job — Sometimes, you can gain permanent residence through a permanent job offer. The employer that offers you the job will get a labor certification and file a petition on your behalf. Further, some special categories of jobs will allow you to get a Green Card based on past or current employment. These categories are specifically listed and rather narrow, but if you fit in the category, you can get a Green Card. Finally, entrepreneurs or investors can gain permanent residency if they make an investment in a US enterprise that creates US jobs.

Asylum — Permanent residency is available to asylees and refugees provided that they satisfy certain requirements. Along with some timing requirements you have to be granted and maintain asylee or refugee status in the US.

Other options are available and you should try to determine which option works best for you. Also, remember that the process can be long and may be challenging. For those reasons, again, I would suggest that you hire an attorney to help you through your immigration process.

An experienced immigration attorney will be able to navigate the applications and requirements and advise you through the process. If you are looking speak with an immigration lawyer, I invite you to visit LawTrades. Our legal platform provides free consultations & flat-fee pricing. Hope this helps.

How can I get a Legal Permanent Resident status (green card) for the USA?

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