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How can I register an idea?

How can I register an idea? by @R44D

Answer by Raad Ahmed:

It’s true that you can’t protect an idea, but you CAN protect an invention. Of course, the idea is the first step in that creation process, but until you create something tangible, there is no protection for you there. Once your idea manifests into an actual invention, then you can work through the process of protecting it through a patent. Depending on your invention, you will likely be considering one of the following patents:

  • Utility Patent: This type of patent focuses on function. It is appropriate to file for this patent if you have created a brand new product that has never been invented before.
  • Design Patent: This type of patent is appropriate if you have a product that is already established on the market, but you have created a new look that is incredibly unique.

In some instances, your invention may be eligible for both types of patents. To best determine where you should go from here, you should consult a patent attorney.

LawTrades can connect you with a skilled patent attorney that can assist you wherever you are at in the invention process. They can provide you with insight into which patent is right for you as well as help you with the tedious process. Because our attorneys work for themselves, we offer affordable rates and transparent pricing. Check out our website for more information.

How can I register an idea?

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