How can I write a policy?

My answer to How can I write a policy?

Answer by Raad Ahmed:

There are definitely some affordable options out there for you. A good privacy policy makes users feel confident visiting your website/app since it clearly outlines how your service will collect and use visitors personal information. [more on that here – The Importance of Privacy Policies for Websites and Apps.]

Just to preface, I work at this startup called LawTrades that has helped 100’s of businesses (mainly website owners and app developers) get their privacy policy done at affordable rates.

Based on our data, you can expect to get one drafted by a real startup attorney from $249 – $499. We use software to help lawyers run their practice more efficiently which in turn saves entrepreneurs like you real money. To get started, all you have to do is post a request here.

So everyone knows to get a privacy policy but did you know that having the wrong privacy policy up could cost you thousands down the road? Your Privacy policy needs to be custom tailored to your business’ use. Downloading just any old privacy policy could may put you in trouble if you do something that isn’t outlined in your document. Going to an experienced startup lawyer and creating one from scratch would be the best route to protecting yourself and your company. When you’re ready head over to LawTrades for a no obligation price quote!

How can I write a policy?

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