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How do I find a reputable attorney in Florida for assistance with an E2 visa?

My answer to How do I find a reputable attorney in Florida for assistance with an E2 visa?

Answer by Raad Ahmed:

How to find an attorney for an E-2 Visa application

When searching for a good immigration lawyer, before determining where you should look, you should first have a good understanding of what you are looking for. There are so many great immigration lawyers, so it’s important you know have a good idea of how to compare services and prices.

Experience: It is really important to find someone who has handled a good amount of immigration cases in varying capacities. Although it sounds obvious, a lawyer’s past legal successes can be a great indicator of the efficiency of their services.

Price: As a client, you should strive to find the best legal services at the lowest price. Unfortunately, this can be time-consuming and tedious. However, you must feel comfortable hiring a lawyer and confident you will be able to afford it.

Additional Note: The state your attorney is in doesn’t matter because immigration law is largely national. You may also want to consider finding a lawyer that is well-versed in family law or employment law, depending on the nature of your legal needs. Immigration issues many times involve custodial rights of children, or wage disputes, and you may want to tailor your search to whatever nuances your needs may have.

Why LawTrades makes sense for your E-2 Visa needs

Unfortunately, there are not many accessible platforms for foreign-based entrepreneurs to find experienced lawyers. To remedy this problem, we started LawTrades. Our company connects clients with lawyers who can successfully complete the work in a cost-friendly manner. Not only do we help with immigration, but also with formation, intellectual property (patents, trademarks), employment, contracts, and so much more. We’re essentially a one-stop shop for businesses to take care of their legal work. Our lawyers have an average of 10+ years experience and are routinely monitored for performance. We offer a free initial consultation & all projects are backed by a money-back guarantee.

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How do I find a reputable attorney in Florida for assistance with an E2 visa?

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