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How do I make an LLC?

I love the young entrepreneurial spirit! You’re free to become a business owner at such a young age as there is no age requirement in California to form a limited liability company (LLC). There are a series of steps you need to take in order to form your LLC. It may appear at the onset that a lawyer isn’t necessary to assist you with these steps but I hope you reconsider. Hiring an attorney during formation can really set up a business for future success by ensuring legal compliance from day one. Also, with the guidance of an attorney, you can create your company in a way that will facilitate growth and allow for convertibility to a corporation if you make it big.

LawTrades is revolutionizing the legal world for startups by offering sound legal advice at an affordable price. Startups no longer have to figure out the legal stuff on their own, or forced to pay an egregious hourly rate. Good luck with your LLC!

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