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How do you copyright a screenplay?

My answer to How do you copyright a screenplay?

Answer by Raad Ahmed:

You’ve already been given a lot of information about how to go about copyrighting a screenplay, so I wanted to highlight the advantages of doing so. It’s true that once you put pen to paper the work already belongs to you, but if there are infringement issues in the future, it may be difficult to establish that you own the work, especially if it’s never been published.

Here are the perks of getting a copyright:

  • Creates a public record of ownership
  • Provides legal grounds to sue for infringement purposes
  • If you obtain a copyright within a 5-year window of the works creation, it goes a long way in establishing validity of ownership
  • You may record the copyright with US Customs to prevent international infringement
  • If copyright is established 3 months prior to publication or at any point before infringement occurred, then the owner has rights to statutory damages

Some people see a copyright as a gray areas since technically ownership is already established. That’s fine as long as there are no infringement issues, but to truly protect your work completely—a copyright simply offers more peace of mind.

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How do you copyright a screenplay?

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