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How Much Time and Money Is Required for a Software Patent?

On LawTrades, software patents will cost somewhere around $3,000, which includes attorneys’ fees and filing fees. I’ve seen them at low $2,000, and as high as $6k. Our technology enables our network of lawyers to fulfill any legal request on-demand at up to 60% off normal law firm prices.

You can minimize high rate billable hours by doing as much research as possible on your own to verify the eligibility of your patent, and assembling all relevant documentation and material to reduce a lawyer’s billable hours down the road.

Alternatively, you can spend roughly $1,500 to file a provisional patent, which works like a starting date placeholder. Provisional patents are popular with software companies who are trying to buy time in order to evaluate the proprietary value of their software innovation before committing bundles of money and time to a full-scale patent filing.

As for time, it really varies. I’ve seen software patent registrations are taking, again, on average, about two and a half to three years. Sometimes it takes less time, sometimes more – there is no magic number.

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) offers a dashboard that unpacks all kinds of patent information. The gauges are pretty current and can help you get an idea of their unexamined application backlog, as well as how long it’s taking them to make final determinations on those applications.

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