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I’m starting a SaaS company and I don’t have money to pay expensive lawyers to write ToS, privacy policy, etc. What should I do?

A ToS and privacy policy essentially serve as a “blueprint” for your business, thereby making them super important. An attorney will identify what makes your app/service unique and draft proper legal documents that protects your business from liability and builds trust with your users (by spelling out what exactly you do with their data). Failing to do so properly exposes your business to legal risk. Side note – one tip on reducing your cost of hiring an attorney is to first attempt to draft a ToS before passing it to a startup lawyer who will review it and update all the hard stuff.

Another route that companies turn to is boilerplate websites. The issue with using a template is that it may not be specific to your particular service and may leave out certain terms that are vital enabling trust between you and your users. There’s also a chance that some of these available documents are actually null and void.

At LawTrades, we have plenty of lawyers who are not only experienced but are also affordable. We formed our company because we saw an unfortunate opening – a place for bootstrapped startups to find sound legal advice. To make it cheaper than the traditional law firm experience, we rely more on technology and less on paper, paralegals etc. – you know the stuff that makes hourly billing expensive. We also offer deferred fees for those that are eligible. Hope this helped!

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