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Where should I incorporate my start-up business?

Great question. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough info to answer it the way you need it to be answered for you to make the right decision. There’s a bunch of stuff to consider:

  • The size of your company
  • Will you be working at the company inside the US?
  • Do you currently have US visa status?
  • Would you need a visa?
  • What kind of visa would you need: investor, immigrant, nonimmigrant?
  • If so, would you be seeking residency or possibly citizenship?
  • Does your company have a bank account already?

In addition to many other legal questions, there are tax questions you should be asking a tax lawyer or CPA so you can identify which corporate structure would be serve your financial interests. If you’re a small company with no plans of raising enormous amounts of future financing and you’re not planning on taking your company public, then an LLC would probably fit your needs. On the other hand, if you are considering becoming a publicly traded company, then a C-corp is probably the best option. Please note that an S-corp is not an option to foreign ownership.

If you need fast, affordable help figuring out visa status, incorporation – and most importantly, tax implications – check out LawTrades where you can connect with vetted attorneys who’ll give you fast, affordable, top-notch guidance. Also feel free to personally message me.

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