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Is there an inexpensive way to file an international trademark/trade name for a startup?

There are some costs that you simply cannot avoid when filing an international trademark, but fortunately there are also ways to make the process easier and a little less expensive.

First, you need to file for a trademark in your country of incorporation. If it is the US, it will be reviewed by the USPTO to determine its validity as a US trademark. Other countries have similar processes. Once you are granted a trademark in your country, your application can be forwarded to the WIPO. Your trademark will go through another examination process and if approved, all IP offices in the countries in which you seek protection will be notified. Finally, each individual office will review your trademark and determine its validity in the country. Your trademark will then be granted protection in all countries that approve it.

The process is pretty long and involves a lot of filing and application fees. There is also a lot of work that needs to be done. For that reason, I suggest that you hire an intellectual property attorney to help you file your international trademark. An attorney that has experience working with trademarks will be familiar with the process and be able to walk you through it. I know, it seems like spending money on an attorney may not be ideal, but there are ways to save money on the legal search.

Over at LawTrades, we work to cut costs associated with the traditional legal search by doing all the searching and matching for you and making sure you only pay for the work that is done for you. If you are looking for an experienced trademark attorney, stop by and we will match you with one for a free consultation.

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