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What are some interesting ways the future of the legal industry is trending?

The legal profession is going through a period of rebirth thanks to the information revolution that is undoing the industrial revolution.

This future will help us work collectively and break down the size of law firms from thousands to hundreds to dozens and eventually to just one.

Individualism is the future

I think 20 or 50 years down the road lawyers will wake up, look at their future device, and get notified of various projects and contracts that are tailored to them based on their skill-set and social connections. You’ll pick one or a few based on how much you’re getting paid, its impact on your future reputation, and after completing the project, you’ll get ranked and rated on your performance. If you want to take the next week off to travel, you’ll take the next week off. If you want to work double hours, you’ll work double.

The whole legal industry is headed towards the direction of building individual brands than just joining a firm. Thanks to the democratization of technology, you’ll start to see more independent lawyers build brands bigger than the largest law firms on earth.

I think what makes me truly excited is the work we do in making a platform that creates more individual lawyers and help those lawyers work for themselves while breaking the traditional law firm hierarchy.

I fundamentally don’t think we’re meant to work 9-5 where we do the same thing over and over. The sooner lawyers realize this, the happier they’ll be. As we move up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we’ll stop defining ourselves to our narrow job functions. 

So find something you love doing, get really good at it, build a brand, and find a creative element that can’t be replicated.

A revamp of legal education

I think law school does a great job of teaching you how to read analytically and write better, but they need to do more to stay relevant. Schools will eventually realize they’re not teaching enough essential skills and they’ll make space for the following:

  • How to run a business
  • How to learn
  • How to make good habits and break bad ones
  • Basic programming
  • Public speaking
  • Developing social skills
  • Charity work and traveling overseas
  • Happiness
  • Acquiring customers


As businesses continue to operate more globally and vocalize their pain points of navigating the maze of international laws and regulations, government and regulatory bodies will have to adapt.

Just as companies today address the various state by state tax issues, they will face similar global issues when it comes to IP protection, labor, trade, and more. We’ll need to set a different framework in the next 10 years that ensures fairness in the international business arena.

Legal is hard. Let’s tackle it together.

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