Do internet startups need a business plan to succeed?

Some answers here indicate that execution is much more important than spending time developing a business plan. I would encourage you to not choose between a quality execution and a solid business plan. Instead, you should focus how these two points can work in conjunction to lead to a thriving business.

Here’s what a business plan can include:

  • Clearly defines marketing and operational plans and milestones
  • Establishes responsibilities and expectations of members
  • Determines goals and how you plan to meet them
  • Expresses clarity in a way that attracts investors
  • Identifies the best way to reach customers
  • Creates hiring processes for current or future employees
  • Determines the expectation and ability to make profit
  • Helps you anticipate potential challenges and how you can solve them
  • Develops a strategy for competing in the marketplace

Developing a business plan will not only establish the foundation of your business, but it will assist in attracting funding and top talent to work for you. Without a solid plan, you will likely learn the hard way that there are many challenges that will come up. While a business plan is not a requirement, it can help you avoid common mistakes that start-ups make early on and pay the price for later.

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