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As investor, how can I get a visa?

I would suggest an EB-5 Visa. Not sure why Reza brought up an E-2 visa as Brazilians are ineligible. Anyways, an EB-5 visa is an immigrant (permanent) visa, which is one reason why the capital requirement for the EB-5 is so much high.

EB-5 requirements

  • Investment of capital (at least $500k of your own money)
  • In a new commercial enterprise
  • That creates at least 10 jobs

Importantly, an EB-5 requires an investment totaling at least $500,000 of your own money. But it doesn’t have to be all cash, it can include things like intellectual property, equipment, or other assets. If you’re looking for an immigration attorney to help you with your visa process, you should check out LawTrades. Our legal platform makes it easy for international entrepreneurs to obtain the visa they n

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