Should I Hire A Lawyer Or A Law Firm?

A recent LawTrades user asked : For startups, should I hire a Lawyer or a Law Firm?

Over the past decade lawyers have become very specialized. One of the main advantages of hiring a larger firm than a small one is they have all the legal skills you need in one place. But it all comes at a cost, as firms are usually more expensive than solo practitioners.

Remember, you hire a person, not a firm.

You may retain the finest firm in the land but every firm has great lawyers, good lawyers and some that are neither. You only get the lawyer you hire. That’s why hiring a lawyer is usually better. You pay less for the same type of quality because most solo practitioners acquired everything they need to practice at those law firms already.

Trust your instincts. Input from friends and family are great but sometimes can be unreliable. Your own opinion matters a lot. While expertise and years of experience are important, if you don’t feel comfortable with person, or can’t envision yourself having confidential conversations with them, then you should probably pass on them.

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