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Which lawyers or law firms offer startup packages in NJ or NYC that you recommend using?

We here at LawTrades, have gathered some of the best startup lawyers and made them easily accessible (book appointments, ask questions, request quotes etc…) to startups in NY/NJ.

Our attorneys provide multiple flat-fee and transparent pricing packages for stuff like incorporation, contract review, fundraising, patents/trademarks and more. Some bootstrapped startups that have used LawTrades include FratMusicFacebook CoversPillTalk and dozens others. We have amazing yet affordable lawyers from NJ and NYC that you can receive instantly receive price quotes from.

Startup lawyers should offer affordable prices for startups to grow their businesses. The best lawyers provide connections to support the growth and inspire the true spirit of entrepreneurship by providing warm introductions that can change your business for the better.

Aside from pricing, professional chemistry matters. So hire a lawyer that you can actually see yourself getting along with. If you cringe every time your lawyers number shows up on your cell phone, then you probably have the wrong lawyer.

Hope this helped! Feel free to message me w/ any questions.

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