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Which lawyers specialized in petitioning for H1B visa for entrepreneurs would you recommend in the Bay Area?

Because there are so many effective ways to communicate—you really don’t have to worry about proximity in the same way anymore. 

I would focus much more on the ability of the lawyer rather than their location.

The truth is, you probably use services and other resources outside your area much more often than you realize.

Imagine this: you are a really outdoorsy type and are in need for some awesome climbing gear. Safety and durability are your focus and hey—affordability would be a great bonus, too! You shop around your local stores and nothing seems to be the perfect match. So, you decide to expand your search to include outside resources from other cities and states. Bingo! You find the most awesome, safest product on the market that has the best reviews and more affordability than a lot of the mediocre stuff you almost settled for.

The same concept can apply when searching for an attorney. If you focus in on only one single area then you may miss out on someone who is the right fit for your situation. Not to be overly dramatic, but location doesn’t matter so much when your life (or at least the happiness of it) depends on it—you just want the best.

What really matters when it comes to an attorney is:

  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Affordability
  • Knowledge

If you are looking for an option that specializes in both H1B visas AND entrepreneurs, then you should take a look at LawTrades. Our experienced immigration attorneys have a total understanding of this process and what it takes to simplify it and make it a better experience for the client. Check us out and get in touch for a consultation.

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