Are there lawyers specializing in Bitcoin?

Currently, there aren’t lawyers that focus solely on bitcoin. Do I think that’s coming in the future? It’s highly likely since the field continues to evolve. With that being said, the type of lawyer that you may need depends on what you’re doing with bitcoin. For example, the other day I answered a question here on Quora about whether someone needs a business license if they’re going to invest in bitcoin on behalf of clients. In that instance, they would need the right securities license or licenses in addition to checking state law. Certain states, like New York and California, already have some laws on the books related to bitcoin.

So, just to recap: while there currently aren’t any lawyers who focus only on bitcoin, the type of lawyer you may need for whatever you’re doing related to it would depend on what you’re doing. Make sure to check your state for any existing laws related to bitcoins and if you’re investing in it or thinking about investing in it on behalf of others, you’ll need the right securities licenses.

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