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What legal documentation or forms are recommended to be filed after formation of an LLC?

Good question. A bunch of companies will simply form their LLC then forget about next steps. Here are some to think about:

  • Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). From a practical perspective, you will need an EIN to grow your business. There are varying laws regarding the requirements for EIN’s. Typically, states will require EIN’s for business practices such as entering into contracts, or participating in certain industries or markets. Also, your business will want to establish company accounts, or buy property in the company name, and typically EIN’s will be necessary. Realistically, it is a quite simple process and you should try to do it as soon as practicable.
  • An operating agreement. It’s a set of documents that provide you with the framework for various business and functional issues that may arise. By talking with your partner(s) and ideally creating one with a lawyer, you’ll likely avoid costly and time consuming disputes as your business matures. Although they aren’t required in most states, it’s a smart move to take for LLC members.
  • Any relevant permits & licenses that your business needs.

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