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Legal issues: what lawyer do i ask about liquor delivery in NYC?

Well… the answer to this question is two-fold. First, you are dealing with a tech-startup, which will have its own particular needs. Second, you are dealing with the liquor industry, which has a number of Federal and State Regulatory issues. So the information you will need before making your selection will be somewhat expansive.

First, in the context of your tech startup needs, you want a lawyer who is Business Minded. Your lawyer should be familiar with the necessary steps to take in the early stages, and be able to develop a clear legal path to the success of your company. This includes filing, structuring your company, finding and securing investors, to name a few aspects. It is definitely smart to get an attorney ASAP for the early stages to avoid complications later down the line.

Second, your attorney should be experienced in the Liquor Industry, or at least some form of Foods/Goods transportation. This area is really specialized, and the Fed and State regulations can be complicated. Inexperienced lawyers may have difficulty representing you in this capacity, so it is not worth it to chance hiring an incompetent lawyer.

The biggest problem you will face is actually gaining access to the necessary information. Your legal needs are pretty particular, and getting the best attorney could be a challenge.

My first recommendation would be to check the NY Bar Association website. They have referral services that can help direct you to attorneys in the areas/fields you need. Here is a link to the website to check out; Hire a NY Attorney.

Also, you should check out our site LawTrades. Our legal marketplace allows businesses to connect with pre-vetted, experienced attorneys 24/7, and do most of their legal representation online.

I completely understand how much a pain in the a** finding a lawyer can be. I have founded two separate tech startups, and getting a lawyer was one of the hardest parts. There is no reason a startup should struggle early on, simply because hiring a lawyer is so hard. My best advice is not to settle for the wrong attorney or get discouraged when you have trouble finding the best fit for your company.

I hope this answer is helpful. I personally have helped connect clients with NYC based attorneys on many occasions, so if you are still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Always happy to help out a fellow startup!

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